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State Protocol and Public Relations Unit otherwise known as Unit Protokol dan Perhubungan Awam Negeri (UPPAN)  is a unit amongst the 9 units under the Chief Minister Department.

The Unit is mainly responsible in Event Management and Public Relations work for The Chief Minister Department in particular.

In Event Management, the unit is responsible   in managing the state and national level events particularly when Sarawak is the host. Apart from being the secretariat to state level celebration, the unit is also responsible in ensuring proper protocol and ceremonial procedures being observed.

In term of Public Relations, the unit is entrusted in coordinating and disseminating information for Chief Minister Department in particular and building the image of the state as a whole.


Overall, the unit is divided into three main (3) sections namely Event Management and State Visit Section,  Public Relations Section and Office Management Section.

In addition to that, the unit also has an extended office in Kuala Lumpur known as Pejabat Perhubungan Rumah Sarawak and it operates with the same function.